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Ozerkovskaya Embankment
Mpscow, Russia

The Ozerkovskaya Embankment development site comprises four individual development projects referred to as Phases I, II, III and IV. Phase I is class A office building with the total area of 12,788 sq. m completed and sold in 2005.

Phase II is a mixed-use project which includes the Aquamarine-2 office building combined with residential apartments and a business class hotel. It is a 9-storey building with total area of 16,372 sq. m including underground parking for 112 lots.

Phase III will be a class A office building and apartments with total area of 75,500 sq. m.

In the frames of Phase IV it is expected to redevelop currently existing administrative building into a class A office center of 30,820 sq. m.

The project is located within the Third Transport Ring road in one of the most prestigious business areas called Zamoskvorechie. There are 2 metro stations around - Paveletskaya and Novokuznetskaya.

ESL provides in this project partial vertical transportation services.

pic of the project