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Atidim, Building 8
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Building 8 is part of the “Atidim” Industrial Park, in the high-tech zone (North East) of Tel Aviv.

“Atidim” is a campus for high-tech industries occupying a site of about 100,000   sq.m.   It was conceived and founded in 1972, as a joint venture of the Tel Aviv   University and the Municipality of Tel Aviv.


 General information about the building:

·         35 typical floors of 1,700 sq.m. each ., served by 16 elevators. 

·         Total tower area: 58,480 sq.m.

·         5 underground parking levels for a total of 1,320 vehicles and a total area of 55,000 sq.m., served by 3 elevators 

·         2 ground levels for public amenities, such as lobbies, restaurants, shops and services. All this, organized in a public atrium, connected to the Park’s main promenade, served by 2 escalators and 2 service elevators.


pic of the project
Atidim 8 Building